A Few Fun Facts ...

As a true courtesean, my mission is to create passion, pleasure, and delight with the purest of heart, and utmost respect. I strive to take exceptional care of those whom I am fortunate enough to meet. My life is charmed, for which I am incredibly grateful, and my life experience dictates that I take nothing for granted!

I believe in exceeding expectations. One way to do that is to listen…to YOU! I want to know about you, what you want, and what you need. With that information, I can be sure that your time with me will be everything you’ve dreamed of and more. I also welcome your questions, not just to provide you with information, but because they also add insight into what you want, what you are hoping for, and what you care about.

We may meet but once, or you may find me to be someone you wish to see over and over…I welcome either type of experience, and promise you that regardless, you will find me to be a most engaging companion, confidante, and genuine friend.

Age: 21 ( Since January 1st! )
: 5ft 11in (Sans Micheal Kors Black Pumps
), 5ft 7in (Regular)

Weight: 140 lbs (sexy size 6)
Measurements: 34DD – 28- 38
Ethnicity: Latina
Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Body Modifications:
3 discreet very small tattoos & ear piercings

Hobbies / Interests:
Travel (road trips especially, woo hoo!! ), Shopping & shoe shopping, fashion, modeling & photography, working out / physical wellness, wine tasting, fetish knowledge expansion, reading, music, sports & sporting events, cheerleading & dining out…
The list goes on and on.

I prefer…
Flowers over chocolate; Shoes over flowers.
H2O over soda; Cocktails over H2O.
Eating over cooking; Shopping over eating. =)
Working out over lazy days; Shopping over working out.
The beach over Las Vegas… But New Jersey has my heart.

Laughter over nonsense.

Older gentlemen over boys my age.
Genuine connections over the ‘wham bam thank you ma’ams’…
Discretion over PDA (public displays of affection).

Last, but certainly not least…
I prefer Kink over Vanilla and fun over all!

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